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CES Requests: What Do You Want Us to Ask About?

Posted on January 4, 2018

Consider this something of an informal post. We'll be at CES shortly and, as always, will be covering the event in full-force and over a time period of about a week. Although most of our schedule is already filled with meetings between GN and hardware vendors, we keep spots open for break-out products or interesting items that we may have overlooked. For today, we are asking that you tweet @GamersNexus with the following things: (1) Requests for specific products or companies that you'd like to see features, (2) notes of major announcements made during the show that you would like more information on.

We've already done a lot of the homework, have meetings on the books, and have a content plan. That said, CES is impossibly large, and many companies bring so many products that we simply can't see them all. Even with an hour for a suite, we'll get caught-up in 2 or 3 products, then have to move on. GN will have two teams on-site this year, which means we have more capacity to respond to items that interest the community. Twitter is the best way to get that information to us during the show, and we've already had a large number of coverage requests for high-refresh monitors, OLEDs for gaming, and some product-specific opportunities.


CES will officially begin on Tuesday, January 9th, but several of the core component manufacturers will be meeting with us prior to then. We already have meetings with all the usual suspects -- most the case manufacturers, the "big three," some video card makers, RAM makers, CPU makers, and so on. It seems like, judging from pre-show information, there will be at least slightly less RGB and glass focus from last time, but that's still going to be a big driver for hangers-on to the trend. Other trends may soon emerge, and we suspect cooling to be at least partially at-hand when speaking with manufacturers. We don't presently predict any major GPU announcements at the show -- those tend to happen separately -- but we do anticipate CPU announcements from AMD, likely Ryzen+ (or "Ryzen 2," as they may call it).

Anyway, please tweet questions pertaining to specific products or to general company coverage. We'll do our best to have a look.

- Steve.