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A Big Push for Case Reviews

Posted on September 19, 2017

GN’s main video producer, Andrew, has been on a bit of a vacation for the past week, and that will continue for a few more days. We’ve also got other upcoming travel this weekend, so content has been in a longer pipeline than normally.

Right now, the two of us at home base have been working on cranking away at upcoming CPU and case content. The cases are part of a renewed push by GN to expand coverage outside of “just” CPUs and GPUs. Not long ago, we added to our case testing by expanding into 3DMark testing for real-world scenarios, Blender testing (for more real-world scenarios), and fortifying our torture workloads. Our case reviews have slowly added testing with and without panels, filters, and optional features, digging for optimal configurations on a per-case basis.


In the immediate future, we’ll have our Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro review online – we never got to look at the original – along with the highly requested Meshify C review. The Meshify is of particular interest to us; it’s been the most requested component for review over the past few weeks, so we bought one to put on the bench. That case just exited testing today. The video production should begin tomorrow. Aside from these, it’s no secret that Cooler Master’s H500P and Cosmos C700P cases are coming to market soon (September 28 for the C700P, sometime in October for the H500P). We intend to review each of these cases.

Just wanted to update you all. The first of these reviews should go live within hours of this post. Andrew and I will resume our collaborative work shortly, which will pick-up speed on the pipeline.

- Steve