This contains a recap of our recent face-to-face discussion with ASUS' Head of Customer Service

The Highlights

  • This video and article follow our series of investigations into ASUS' RMA practices
  • We aimed to get on-record, firm commitments of improvement
  • We met with the Head of Customer Service, direct report to the CEO, and several team members

Table of Contents

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We have answers from ASUS. Our latest video brings an in-person meeting with the company after publicly exposing flawed and potentially illegal handling of customer warranties and this article aims to rapidly recap the commitments that ASUS made during that discussion. The video itself is over an hour long and the (2) discussions spanned around or over 3 hours of total time together, so this list is just to get the fastest possible form of the commitments out there. The purpose is to inform the community in an efficient way, but also help keep ASUS accountable for its promises by condensing them into an easily referenced format long-term. This also helps us, and others in the community, remember what we exited the series with.

After our ongoing ASUS RMA investigation series, starting with the “ASUS Scammed Us” video, continuing with “ASUS Says We’re ‘Confused,’” and temporarily concluding with “ASUS Already On Government’s Radar for Warranty Issues,” we now have a for-now conclusion. We have asked ASUS to follow-up with us regularly as it continues to execute on its newly formed plan to overhaul its customer support and warranty systems. Likewise, we already have devices in their RMA centers under pseudonyms and plan to continue sampling them over the next 6-12 months so we can ensure these are permanent improvements.

The video is embedded below, followed by:

  1. A list of the changes ASUS has committed to
  2. How you can make use of those
  3. A template for you to send to ASUS’ new email address established for anyone who wants to reprocess their prior warranty claims under the new conditions


Writing, Editing

Steve Burke

Video & Editing

Mike Gaglione
Vitalii Makhnovets
Andrew Coleman

ASUS' Committed Changes

Compiled By GamersNexus, resulting from GamersNexus coverage

(If you are another outlet reporting on our report, please credit our list and work. This list was not provided by ASUS. We created it.)

To recap several of ASUS’ firm changes:

  1. ASUS now has a new inbox called “[email protected]” that they have created specifically to re-process prior RMAs that customers feel were unfairly classified, were misclassified, or charged for a service that should be free
  2. ASUS has provided a template to copy and paste into your email to this address. We are showing it on the screen. You can visit to find a copy of this to copy and paste. We do not place third-party ads on our site. The link is below for the template.
  3. ASUS has published a timeline for improvements: June 14th, today, is the publication of this email and template. ASUS has promised us an email this month with other changes.
  4. ASUS has committed to refunds of service charges for unnecessary repairs which customers felt compelled to accept in order to have a warranted repair covered, such as unrelated or misclassified CID
  5. ASUS has committed to refunding shipping charges in scenarios where a warranted repair was part of the RMA. For clarity, if a customer has both an out-of-warranty repair and an in-warranty repair in the same claim, shipping will be covered by ASUS
  6. ASUS has committed to refunding labor and taxes related to these aforementioned qualifying disputes
  7. ASUS has created a Task Force team to retroactively go back through a long history of customer surveys that were negative to try and fix the issues
  8. ASUS has removed the power from the repair centers to claim CID. Now, CID claims must go through ASUS’ team. This will remove some of the financial incentive to fail devices. There still is one, but now it won’t be motivated as much by speed
  9. ASUS is creating a new support center in the US. This will enable customers to choose between a repair of their board or a faster swap with a refurbished board. This solves an issue where refurbs were the only option in some scenarios previously
  10. After over a year of refusing to acknowledge the microSD card reader failures on the ROG Ally, ASUS will be posting a formal statement next week about the defect, resulting from this series
  11. ASUS will publish a more transparent repair report template in September of 2024
  12. ASUS is changing the Advance RMA language to reduce emphasis on physical damage
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ASUS Template for Re-Processing Old Claims

If you had a prior claim that previously, or now under the new changes ASUS has made, you feel was unfairly rejected, charged, misclassified (e.g. as Customer-Induced Damage, or CID), or otherwise potentially fraudulent under the FTC guidelines and Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, you can use the below template to have ASUS fast-track you for reconsideration under the new terms and guidelines. Any legal claims for fraud should be handled separately through the correct legal entities; however, for those who just want the issue dealt with swiftly, going through ASUS theoretically is faster. If that is not the case, please alert us immediately with evidence at tips at gamersnexus dot net.

Template & ASUS Letter

"From the ASUS Service team, we deeply apologize for the issues with our service.

Our RMA communications and repair services have not consistently met the high standards we aim for. We want to make things right. If you’ve had a negative experience with our customer support, please let us know. We want to do better. Contact us at [email protected] and share your experience using the template below. We are here to listen and improve.

Your Name (as listed in your RMA): 
RMA Number:
Serial Number:
RMA application country:
Please describe your previous RMA dispute:
Supporting Documents (e.g., charged invoice, quotation notification, photos):
Additional Feedback (optional):

After submitting your claim, please allow us one week to review your case and respond. Our local service team will guide you through the appropriate next steps. We’re committed to transparency, fairness, and doing what’s right for our customers.  
We’re very sorry to anyone who has had a negative experience with our service team. We appreciate your feedback and giving us a chance to make amends."

The above is directly from ASUS. The italic text is the template. Paste that into your email to executivecare at ASUS dot com in order to get rapidly reprocessed.

MicroSD Card Issue & Misc.

ASUS will be making a statement next week about its ongoing microSD Card slot failures on the ASUS ROG Ally (which affected our original review unit). During the course of our discussion, we brought the failures up in a way that ASUS briefly, or maybe accidentally, acknowledged. This may be why the company is now moving to publicly acknowledge it. We think this is a good thing, as customers should know that it is a confirmed issue.

For the GamersNexus Warranty Toolkit for this or other warranty claims where you are uncertain what to do, please read here.

In the interest of keeping this post short and simple, we'll stop here. The video will contain more discussion. We will keep an eye on ASUS and continue monitoring the company. We also have devices out to other motherboard manufacturers.

If you have an issue with the ASUS RMA or Warranty process, please email us with evidence and a brief description of the problem at tips at gamersnexus dot net.

Thank you,

Steve Burke

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