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Computer Case Sales: Meshify, 570X, View 71, & More | Black Friday

Posted on November 22, 2017

We’ve been staying on top of sales round-ups lately, and noticed that several of our choices in our Best Cases of 2017 content are now on sale. This includes the Meshify C, Define C, Corsair 570X & 270R, Thermaltake View 71 & P5, and a couple of NZXT and Rosewill cases.


Fractal Cases: Both Fractal cases we’ve reviewed, the Define C and the Meshify C, are on sale at Newegg. The tempered glass Define C (link to Newegg) model and the mesh-fronted but otherwise identical Meshify C (link to Newegg) are both $80 at the time of this writing, while the basic Define C with a plastic window is $70. That’s about $10 under MSRP, not a huge discount--but it appears that the Meshify C (the best of the three, in our opinion) has been flipping between $70 and $80, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Corsair Cases: Corsair’s 570X and 270R shared a review on our site, but both are strong cases in their own right. The Corsair 270R (Amazon) has gone from budget to ultra-budget at $55 (normally $70 MSRP), while the 570X (Newegg) is still fairly expensive at $140 but lower than its $180 launch price a year ago. Both Corsair cases include a free additional case fan (limited offer), if buying on Newegg. Find the 270R on Newegg here.

Thermaltake Cases: Thermaltake’s cases make for interesting reviews. We had high hopes for the Thermaltake Core G21 as a mesh-fronted case with two glass side panels, but were somewhat disappointed by thermals--luckily, users can easily remove a filter layer on the front panel to help address this, and $40 after rebate (Newegg) is cheap enough to make it well worth the effort.

The View 71 (Newegg - $120 after rebate) and Core P5 (Newegg - $100 after rebate) are flashier, more expensive cases. We haven’t reviewed the P5, but we have reviewed the smaller P3, which is currently roughly the same price thanks to the P5’s discount. The View 71 is an almost fully glass-encased chassis with surprisingly good ventilation, now only $120 after rebate.

NZXT Cases: NZXT has attempted to introduce the H700i as their new flagship mid tower, but the S340 is still a great case. $80 for the tempered glass Elite on Newegg is a good deal, but $50 for the basic version is even better. The S340 (red/black) is now $55 after rebate, and the S340 (blue/black) is now $50 after rebate.

Rosewill: Rosewill faces competition from vendors like Anidees selling the same case under different names, but they’ve continued to price the Cullinan aggressively. $75 is 50% of what Newegg currently lists as the “normal” price, but it’s less than half of the original MSRP. It’s a great deal for three panels of glass.

- Patrick Lathan