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Gaming Hardware Sales - 240GB SSD for $95, Kraken G10, 23" Gaming Monitor for $140

Posted on February 22, 2015

To celebrate the Year of the Sheep, you have two choices: count them while trying to sleep or buy one of these sales items to improve your gaming and ignore the sheep all night long. This weekend's sales round-up features a HyperX SSD for $95, an Intel i5-4690K at $239, the NZXT Kraken G10 CLC bracket for only $15, and an ASUS gaming monitor for $140.

HyperX Fury 240GB SSD ($95): Kingston's gaming brand HyperX solid-state drive features the usual SATA III interface for transfer speeds up to 6Gbps, 240GB of usable space, and fits in any modern internal drive bay. The drive features synchronous NAND Flash and a SandForce controller. With the current sale, the price comes to about $0.395/GB, which should be a cost effective way to boost performance for the OS and 4-5 games.

Intel Core i5-4690K ($239): Intel's mid-range i5-4690K CPU features 6MB L3 cache and comes with a 3.5GHz clock with a max turbo frequency of 3.9GHz. It fits on the Intel-standard LGA1150 socket that all Z97 motherboards utilize. The built-in Intel HD 4600 graphics processor allows the CPU to be used without a discrete GPU if desired, but mostly stands as a troubleshooting backup. It is not able to take advantage of multi-threading technology, though most games don't require it so that doesn't make a significant difference for most standard uses. A 10% discount drops the price to only $239.

Kraken G10 – Blue ($15): NZXT's Kraken G10 allows a closed-loop CPU cooler (purchased separately) to be mounted to a GPU while still providing air cooling for the components that are not directly cooled by the CLC's coldplate. It is able to be mounted to almost any modern GPU and works with most of the standard CLC options. Utilizing this with a CLC in place of the stock coolers should provide up to 40% increase in cooling performance. It currently has a 50% discount for anyone interested in experimenting with liquid cooling, but not wanting to do a full custom build.

Pick of the Week

ASUS Black 23" 1ms ($140): This ASUS 23” monitor comes with a 1ms GTG response time, dual HDMI ports, built-in speakers, and LED backlit LCD. The slim design should allow it to comfortably fit on any desk setup. There is currently an instant savings of $40, an MIR of $20, and checkout code “EMCANKV43” for an additional $20 to bring the final price down to only $120. Both the black and white options are on sale, but it is limited to only two per customer, for those wanting a multi-screen option.

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- Scott "Abibiliboop" Griffin.