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Weekend Hardware Sales - $188 4690 CPU, $188 GTX 760

Posted on September 21, 2014

188 years ago, on 9/21, the construction of the Rideau Canal began in Canada. That has absolutely nothing to do with this weekend sales round-up. It is also a pure coincidence that two of our sales items are only $188 – I promise. This week, we feature a GTX 760 for $188, a 10-button laser gaming mouse for $35, an i5-4690 at only $188, and a 27” G-Sync monitor for $600.


MSI TwinFrozr GeForce GTX 760 ($188): Sadly, this isn't the GTX 980 that was unveiled at GAME24 this week, but not everyone has a spare $550 to drop. This card may not be able to create an artificial moon landing picture in real time, but it is still plenty strong to play almost any game comfortably on high and ultra settings on a single screen in 1080p. The pre-overclocked speed can be pushed further if desired and the twin fan setup will help keep it cool when pushing the OC. G-Sync is also able to be used with this, in case you happen to also grab the monitor below. Use promo code “HSYGSKS9” at checkout to get 9% off the already discounted price and add the $30 rebate for a final price of just $188.

Rosewill Reflex Gaming Mouse ($35): This mouse features 9 programmable buttons, an 8-piece adjustable weight system, customized LED lighting, and the ability to adjust the DPI all the way up to 8200 DPI. This is an entry-level option for those interested in trying out gaming mice without having to spend too much. It has an instant savings of $25 which drops the price to only $35.

Intel 15-4690 CPU ($188): If overclocking is not an interest, the i5-4690 is a great CPU for high-end, stock gaming. It is compatible with Z87 and later boards, though I'd strongly recommend getting a Z97 board to take advantage of the newer technology available on the chip. As usual, the main negative to this chip is the cooler and heatsink that comes with it. We’d recommend grabbing an after market cooler as it will improve thermals and longevity of the CPU. When going to the page, it displays as being $225, but if you look at the “buy new” below the description, it is featured to Amazon Prime members for $188 and free shipping.

Pick of the Week

Acer 27" 1ms 144HZ Widescreen G-sync Monitor ($600): For anyone wanting to test out G-Sync with a compatible monitor, this 27” display comes with a 144 Hz refresh rate and G-sync functionality. It also has a minimal 1ms response time to give the best possible gaming experience. About the only negative going for this monitor is that it isn't a 4K, although if a GTX 970 or 980 is available, DSR mode can be turned on to provide 4K rendering at the level of the monitor to help improve the image even further. This comes with an even $100 discount, no rebates or checkout codes required.

Join us next week when I reveal the true secret behind who really runs the world... and no, it isn't the Illuminati or aliens, we just use them for plausible deniability. As always, watch our YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook feeds throughout the week for additional sales, news posts, and build tips.

- Scott "Abibiliboop" Griffin.