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Shaq-Fu Remake Due in 2011, EA Says

Posted on April 1, 2010

One of the most mocked games in video game history, Shaq-Fu, has vowed to return to "prove its concept was strong," says a PR rep. EA announced that they are publishing a "secret project" on March 28th, and just a few days later, several leaks pushed the group to make an announcement:

"We have decided to fully disclose our newest title in the best interest of the gaming community." The PR rep continued, "...Due to the recent success of the television show Shaq Vs., we are moving to renew the Shaq-Fu title, published originally in 1994 by EA. We cannot make a commitment to any platforms for the time being. We are aiming for a holiday launch in 2011."

Next to the infamous Battletoads, Shaq-Fu is a common joke among gamers. If I were to review it today, I would make note of its corny dialogue, horrific gameplay, and degredation of Shaq's name. What do you think about this? Could it be a worthwhile venture for EA? Comment below.