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Fallout: New Vegas Trailer

Posted on February 7, 2010

Bethesda released a trailer Thursday giving the first look at the Obsidian-developed Fallout sequel, Fallout: New Vegas. The trailer opens to Frank Sinatra's Blue Moon before pulling back and revealing New Vegas, ending with the iconic Fallout phrase "War never changes." Fallout 2 veterans will also notice the flag of the New California Republic, indicating that they may play a major roll in the game.

Obsidian Entertainment was formed in 2003 by former Black Isle employees, some of whom worked on the original Fallout games.  Obsidian is known for their RPG sequels, including KotOR 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2.  Let's hope that this one doesn't get rushed and Obsidian lives up to their full potential.

Bethesda also announced that Fallout: New Vegas is set for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in fall 2010.

~Tim "Space_man" Martin