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Side-Scroller “Kingdom” Mixes Elements of Terraria and City Builders

Posted on August 6, 2015

Dutch game developer Noio recently partnered with Marco Bancale of Licorice to port his Flash game to iOS. Following success on the mobile platform by way of winning the Nordic Game Program, the team has made moves to bring “Kingdom” to the PC on the Unity game engine.

Kingdom is a side-scrolling kingdom management game that fuses mechanics found in Terraria and traditional city builders. The player takes control of a single King unit, who spends coin to start a small village and attract settlers; as time progresses and the King continues to invest in his growing empire, players can build castles, recruit knights and archers, and more.

The first gameplay video for Kingdom was released just before our Skylake review, and can be found below:

It's a simple game that has some charm. In the video – which is rendered at 4K, because pixel art demands the presence of 8 million pixels – we see the player start with a campfire and scale to castle walls. Our hero begins with simple palisades, moving on to (what appears to be) shops, resource collection (hunting, mining), and a Keep. Enemies are shown rising at dark to confront the upstart village, much in the way that zombies do so in Terraria, Minecraft, or any number of other builder games.

When I've broken the distanced editorial style in the past, I've revealed that city builders and RTS games are my home turf – games like Kingdom are appealing to me. It is yet unclear how the game will actually play but, from the concept alone, I'm a fan of what's already been showcased.

Oh, and it's always nice to see news about a forthcoming game that doesn't include a Kickstarter link.

Learn more here:

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.