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'Windward' Sailing and Trading Game Release Date Announced

Posted on April 9, 2015

Avast, sailors! Tasharen Entertainment is happy to announce the finalized release of Windward -- a game we praised previously -- for PC and Linux. The official release of the game will be on May 12th through the Steam platform.

Windward is a 4X-style game that has players sailing the game’s randomly generated map. Players can forge new alliances and break old ones, push out pirates, and buy new ships, all while leveling up through the ability tree. Completing quests for and trading with cities will level them up and allow access to better equipment.

You and your bo’sun can check out Windward right now on Steam early access, or wait till May 12th to batten down the hatches with the full release of the game. Either way, stay tuned to GN for more Windward content, including an in-depth review of the game closer to launch.

- Keegan "HornetSting" Gallick.