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Star Citizen Screenshots Strut its Graphics - High-Poly M50 Model

Posted on May 31, 2014

Star Citizen stands as one of the most anticipated PC games in recent years. Space-flight simulation has been a part of PC gaming since its very beginnings, but we've scaled-up quite a bit from Galaga to now. In our very first interview with Chris Roberts, CEO & Chairman of Star Citizen's Cloud Imperium Games, we discussed the tremendous focus on graphics and technology for the game. Roberts told us that he wanted something to enjoy on his maxed-out, expensive gaming PC -- something that could make use of SLI and an X-series CPU.


After months of WIP screenshots and concept art, we're finally starting to see a few game items receive high-fidelity polish.

A recent post by the Star Citizen folks brings us a look at the M50 Interceptor, a fighter craft built by the canon Origin Jumpworks manufacturers. The M50 uses supercharged engines and features ultra-light components, similar to what supercars do to drop weight, making it ideal for rapid transit and scouting. Looking at the screenshots, a lack of integrated ladder on the craft goes along with the "cut all weight possible" concept of the M50, which instead is paired with a hangar-based step stool.


In our interviews with Roberts, we've been told to expect that space fighters could feature upwards of 300,000 polygons. To put things into perspective, that's approximately 10x the polygons found in your average Call of Duty character model.

Pretty impressive. Enjoy these last screenshots:

star-citizen-m50-1 star-citizen-m50-2 star-citizen-m50-5 

Bonus Screenshots of the Arena Commander Module

star-citizen-ac-1 star-citizen-ac-2 star-citizen-ac-3

star-citizen-ac-4 star-citizen-ac-5 star-citizen-ac-6

You can learn more about Star Citizen here:

We interviewed Roberts about FPS mechanics here.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.