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Star Citizen Arena Commander (DFM) Download Location & Release Date

Posted on May 28, 2014

It's been known for a few days that Star Citizen's "Arena Commander" space-flight combat simulation module will be playable on May 29. We first reported on this module from the floor of PAX East, where we interviewed Chris Roberts post-unveil, then again about FPS mechanics, and one more time about Arena Commander.


Star Citizen's Arena Commander module is described in our post here. In short, it is a 'simulation' (within canon) of space-flight combat that is being released primarily for testing purposes. It is important to realize that this is very early alpha (0.8) and will be buggy and broken; the onus is on gamers to report issues they discover. This alpha test will help determine maximum player count, stress test server / back-end stability, and get us some hands-on with the shooting mechanics.

I just wanted to get something quick online for our readers eagerly awaiting the Star Citizen dog-fighting module (DFM) download, which has since been rebranded as Arena Commander. The release date is firmly set as May 29 for the 0.8 alpha early backer build of Arena Commander. Cloud Imperium Games has not set a firm hour or time zone on the launch, though it's worth giving a check at midnight EST and midnight PST. There will be no pre-load option -- the module will go up immediately when it's ready (and not a minute before) and will use P2P for distribution. There is presently no Arena Commander download location publicly available; P2P distribution means it's very much a "when it's ready, it's ready" scenario. The download should be fairly quick given the impending swarm of CIG backers using P2P protocol to retrieve and distribute the files.

Keep eyes on the official website for timely updates. We'll try to update our own twitter and facebook pages as soon as we get word of a live download.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.