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Stay Classy: Shout-Farting in Skyrim

Posted on May 29, 2012

There's nothing that speaks to the class of the modding community like Twiggy's "Animated Shout Farting" mod for Skyrim. Ah, yes -- with hundreds of hours of gameplay behind us, it's now time to put those shouts to use. The dragonborn in the below video has, evidently, consumed nearly every cheese roll in the game. He's a bit flatulent, you see. Jump down to take a look at the mod's high-octane functionality.



And if you've never quite gotten the full potential out of Whirlwind Sprint, now you'll be unable to stop using it:

So there's that. It's pretty simply to install: Just grab the file from Skyrim Nexus and combine it with our other mod lists; sure, it might not go with our hardcore survival overhaul, but farting in overhauled graphics is even better. I guess.

We seem to have a habit of publishing toilet-related content.

Welp, back to dragon-farting.