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Dragon Age 2 Hi-Res Texture Pack Fix for Steam

Posted on March 8, 2011

Bioware has released a high-resolution texture pack* for PC players of the Dragon Age 2 game. The texture pack faced a buggy launch for Steam users, as explained by Velnias of the Steam forums:

"Neither the hi-res texture pack nor the Exiled Prince nor the Black Emporium DLC will recognize the DA2 installation if you're using Steam (yes, after decryption and installation)."

In order to fix the Dragon Age 2 high-resolution texture pack, follow the steps described below:


1. Run Dragon age 2
2. Run PC configuration
3. Quit game
4. Restart steam
5. Install texture pack
6. Launch Dragon Age 2
7. Go to configuration and enable the texture pack in the "video" tab

That should get you up and running! If you haven't played Dragon Age: Origins but are planning on playing Dragon Age 2, check out our review of the original game to catch up on the action! I'll be reviewing the game after I've finished a thorough playthrough, so keep 'em peeled.

*Note: the Bioware servers are under heavy strain currently, you may have to try back a couple of times.

~Brant "Bob" Armstrong.