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On the Intel i7-8086K and Soldering the IHS

Posted on June 3, 2018

Rumors and speculation around Intel’s Core i7-8086K have begun to grow in large part due to listings on retail websites. The rumored i7-8086K is likely Intel’s way of commemorating their 40th anniversary of their 8086 CPU, a 16-bit processor released on June 8th, 1978.

The i7-8086K (6C/12T) was listed at two different frequencies of 4.0GHz and 5.0GHz. The 5GHz model was listed on Connection.com for $489.83, an increase of $139.94 over the i7-8700K at the time of writing. Despite rumors, GN has been told by multiple sources that the 8086K will not be a soldered CPU, but instead will use TIM.


At this time, it is unclear exactly when the CPU will be released and if specs listed on these retail websites are accurate. We would assume that June 8, 2018 makes the most sense for an anniversary.

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Editorial: Ryan Greenberg