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Ask GN 76: AM4 B450 Boards & What It's Like Working with AMD

Posted on April 29, 2018

Our Ask GN series was put on hold during the onslaught of Ryzen 2, Hades Canyon, and X470 coverage of late. We're back in force, though, with two back-to-back episodes. The second will go live tomorrow, the first tonight. For this week's episode, we're talking B450 motherboard expectations (and Computex), realistic ways the GPU market might make a comeback, review sampling, HPET benchmarks, and more.

Separately, please note that we are planning a livestream for 5/1 at 7PM EST. The stream will be hosted on our YouTube channel. We will be attempting to overclock Hades Canyon further than our current record of 4.7GHz. We're hoping to push closer to 5GHz, but power may become a limitation at some point. We've already posted preliminary results over here. Be sure to tune in for the livestream! It'll be a fun one.



01:14 – Soupa: “#askgn-questions When can we expect B450 boards for the Ryzen 2000 series? Is the common delay in mid-/low-tier boards simply because high-end/ethusiast boards sell better/have better profit margins?”

05:06 – Lazarus The adventurer: “#AskGN hey Steve, can you tell us of some realistic ways that the gpu market might come back in its normal state?with new gpus every nkw a d then ,and reasonable price and availability? is there a way out at this point?”

11:55 – Piers H: “5th time asking: #AskGN - For those of us who don't use Patreon, object to the additional fees for those outside the US (in the UK, for example), or who don't want to use Patreon, is it possible to donate via an alternative method? For example, would you accept $2 per month via PayPal or another method? Maybe a lump sum donation via PayPal for one year? How about a blank item on your store? I'm open to ideas but really dislike Patreon. AND Mike Estes: Another sort of “Ask GN” – What’s the best way to support you and your content/channel? As in the best $ per way to sponsor. Might be a hard question to answer, but if I donate, I want the most $ per donation to go to your work as I very much respect the work you do.”

16:39 – Νίκος Μπαλιάκος: “Hello GamersNexus i would like to ask more about the reason , why you were cut out and had to buy Ryzen 2nd Gen Samples this is a Video from TechOT about AMD trying to control the process and nature of testing ,some other Tech Tubers have replied in the comments , either in support or against , seeing as you guys didn't get samples ,could it be AMD is simply not even bothering to send Samples to those reviewers they already know they can't dictate testing Methodology?”

24:34 – awesomegamer919: “Anandtech recently found that HPET settings could have massive performance changes on Intel i7 800Ks (For example: https://images.anandtech.com/doci/12678/8700KGPU_575px.png up to 70% difference in performance), have you had a look into HPET and related settings at all?”

25:45 – Bradley Petersen: “#askgn are some reviewers/ media outlets friends and who is are some your friends. Also thanks for highlighting my comment I know you have a pretty high standard that's why im subscribed.”

28:32 – TJCCBR47 TJCCBR47: “Ask GN: Do you think the constant shift in Radeon brand did Harm AMD in the long run? they had since 2007 Radeon HD 2000~HD7000, R9 200~300, R9 Fury, RX 400~500 and now RX Vega, Nvidia in the other hand use Geforce GTX since 2008 to this day.”

30:44 – Gorgula: “Ask GN: While manufacturing the modmat, how was your experience with language and cultural barriers in regards to product communication, negotiating prices, and shipping?”

Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman