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Ask GN 70: GN’s Turing Hints, Best CPU Coolers

Posted on February 19, 2018

The latest Ask GN brings us to episode #70. We’ve been running this series for a few years now, but the questions remain top-notch. For this past week, viewers asked about nVidia’s “Ampere” and “Turing” architectures – or the rumored ones, anyway – and what we know of the naming. For other core component questions, Raven Ridge received a quick note on out-of-box motherboard support and BIOS flashing.

Non-core questions pertained to cooling, like the “best” CLCs when normalizing for fans, or hybrid-cooled graphics VRM and VRAM temperatures. Mousepad engineering got something of an interesting sideshoot, for which we recruited engineers at Logitech for insight on mouse sensor interaction with surfaces.

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01:10 - Mr Skatosakoulas: “WOAH WOAH WOAH! Hooooooold on there a second, tech Jesus. What do you know about "Ampere", "Volta" and the name scheme of Nvidia next gen GPUs? Speak up, spit it out, we are on to you. We know you are hiding something! Come on! Be a good lad! Chop chop!”

04:17 - GoldenSun3DS: “Patreon-exclusive content... That is low.”

08:32 – Cautilus: “#askgn-questions @Steve Burke So I know this would be pretty niche, but have you guys considered testing which CLC’s have the best radiator/pump performance? i.e. using the same best-performing fans on all the radiators (say maybe Noctua Industrial 2000/3000 RPM’s) and testing to see which ones perform the best? As an enthusiast who can’t afford to go full custom water loop, I’d like to see which CLCs perform the best if you equalize that variable. Because as you note in your 2017 CLC roundup: “The wiser companies cut back on fans, but produced reliable, non-leaking products that have proven safe to use and of high performance potential – they’re just limited by fans, in many instances.” I personally run a Kraken X62 with Noctua Industrial 3000 RPM's because I think it might be best performing CLC on the market atm.”

11:47 – Zeta: “@Steve Burke #askgn-questions What makes for a good mousing surface? I have heard there are certain materials or prints that are detrimental to sensor performance, particularly in very fast or very precise movements. Separate sheet on that”

14:53 – billwanchalo: “#askgn-questions I have a motherboard that won't boot and I'm trying to diagnose it. What would be the first things you guys would check?”

17:39 – David: “Do you get recognized in public? Do people want your signature, or take a picture or something of the likes?”

19:16 - Cyrus R.: “I followed your MacGyver type "Hybrid 1080 EVGA Hybrid cooler onto a 1080 Ti FE" guide (I had one immediately available), and now I'm worried about the RAM on the furthest end next to the water block. That area really heats up and gets no air flow. At first it didn't even seem even due to the water pipes sitting on the shroud. But it did screw down just as it did in your video. I'm concerned about it being uneven. Also, I'm not sure what speed to set fan, being the reference fan it is loud. Is there any cause for concern?”

jazza wil 5 days ago A question for Ask GN So I was wondering am i worrying to much about my gpu's temprtures. I built my fan profile around mining and to keep the card under 60 degrees. When gaming i notice my fans will ramp up immedietely (I do try to keep under 60c for everything so at about 59c I get about 79% on fans) and get to normally 100% fans on modern titles. My card is the 1080 strix

21:14 - Streetguru: “@Steve Burke #askgn-questions May be too late if you get to this one. But with the Ryzen APUs out, will newegg/others start advertising old Ryzen 3/5 bundles with the motherboards that don't support Raven Ridge out of the box? Is this something people should be on the look out for? Maybe a question for paul/kyle?”

23:07 – Zeta: “@Steve Burke #askgn-questions Would you say that the products on your store page are objectively cooler than the competition's offerings?”

Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman