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Thermaltake Core P90 Chassis Gets Abstract

Posted on December 1, 2017

“Chassis” is pretty loose, here. The Thermaltake Core P90 follows the Core P3 and Core P5 lines, but only insofar as being an open air, semi-exposed bench-style “case.” It’s more of a mounting board for parts, really, and presents them in a triangular layout, the board and VGA on flanking sides.

The case includes 2x 5mm tempered glass side panels (though we think it might be a decent bench platform without the glass), mounts the power supply within the central frame, and is dotted with cable routing holes on both component-hosting panels. This case remains wall-mountable, just like its P3 and P5 successors, though may be a bit unwieldy to get onto the stud mounts, if for no other reason than radiator support up to 480mm. That’s a lot of liquid to hang on the wall.

The Thermaltake P90 appears to maintain the modular layout of the previous cases in its family, too, as represented well in this image:

thermaltake p90 modular

Learn more here: http://www.thermaltake.com/Chassis/Open_Frame_/Core/C_00003150/Core_P90_Tempered_Glass_Edition_/design.htm

- Steve Burke