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Ask GN 54: Noctua Fans, Why Thermal Pads vs. Paste?

Posted on July 20, 2017

Ask GN returns for its 54th episode – we’ve gotten more consistent than ever – to discuss Noctua fan manufacturing locations (China & Taiwan), thermal pads vs. thermal paste usage on MOSFETs, Vega 10-bit support, and a couple other items.

A few of the items from this week peer into GN’s behind-the-scenes workings, as several viewers and readers have been curious about our staff, whether we keep products, or why we “waste” GPUs by using them for things other than mining.

As always, timestamps below the embed.



1:06 - Noctua discussion

7:53 - Kai Du: “Why don't you use them for mining, waste of card just sitting in there....”

9:41 – What happens to old hardware?

12:44 - CrimSun: "Does Vega do 10-bit OpenGL? Because only FirePro and Quadro cards can do it currently. nVidia may give you 10-bit DirectX, but no application with 10-bit support uses it."

13:18 - Zeta: “Why isn’t there a reference motherbaord design like with graphics cards?”

15:21 – Tao: “@Steve Burke #askgn All the pre-built liquid cooled AIB Partner Hybrid cards I've seen are dual-slot cards with a CLC cooling the GPU (and maybe the VRAM) with a reference style fan cooling the VRM and other non-GPU components. Why haven't we seen single-slot AIB partner Liquid-cooled cards using full cover blocks and rad-mounted pumps (similar to the original EK Predator) or something similar?”

17:47 – Ajdamus: “One question - what happends if PC fails - win error etc.. is workload saved by each frame etc? Or you must star all over?”

18:55 – inversion: “#askgn Why are thermal pads preferred over thermal paste for VRMs and MOSFETs on the GPU and/or CPU? And is there any damage that can be caused if paste was used on the VRMs and MOSFETs?”

20:42 – TPV: “Is there any information on how watching a Youtube video at 2x speed affects a channel's profitability? Not sure how it is calculated. I just figure it might mess with metrics.”

22:08 – Mechragone: “How many people actually work at Gamers Nexus? Steve is obviously the host for the channel and most articles on the website seem to be written by him (I don't know if someone else actually tests the hardware and he just writes the articles but even then), so who else works there besides him, a camera man (maybe someone to run the tests) and the cat?! :) No hate just honestly curious.”

Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman