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Ask GN 53: VR Hype Die-Down, Vega’s Naming Problem

Posted on July 11, 2017

This episode of Ask GN returns with our new format, frontloading the episode with some discussion topics before feeding into the user-submitted questions. As always, for consideration in next episode, please leave your comment on the YouTube playback page or in our Ask GN Discord channel for Patreon backers.

The video opens with another “gift” from NZXT, some new power draw testing, AMD Vega naming thoughts (and rushed launches with Intel & AMD), and then addresses user questions. We hop around from liquid metal to CPU and airflow topics, giving a good spread to this episode.

Watch below – timestamps below the embedded video:



00:23 - NZXT's Pucking Shirt

02:20 - New power testing tools

03:08 - AMD Vega Naming Challenges

09:38 - travelinty - "#askgn Curious if your using liquid metal deliding the cpu or on a gpu. would it be ok to use a thin thermal pad around to keep in contained? As long as its no thicker than the die it self?"

10:57 - jlrockafella: "I've been watching silicon valley lately and even in there they are making fun of people who got duped into buying VR. What happened to all the hype? ?? This is the same as the whole 3D bubble."

16:06 - Michel Jeandillou: "It's not a hot topic anymore but i've always wondered and never found an answer. So, why does the overclocked 1700 perform nearly to exactly the same as the overclocked 1800x in all tasks. I know it's the same architecture and all, but that's the point, if both cpus are the same and perform almost identically, why would the more expensive one exist? Is there really no difference between the two cpus? What did amd put in the 1800x that made it more expensive but not better in any way?"

18:47 - pantsaregood: "I recall that you mentioned top exhaust fans can cause issues with large tower air coolers in some cases. Can you go into more detail on this possibly? Running a Fractal Design Define S with 3x140mm intake and 1x140mm rear exhaust and trying to figure out if i'm better off with an additional exhaust at the top or not."

21:02 - Zaydoon Al-Jebur: "GN as an independent channel, is it more profitable to use all your gpu inventory in mining ? I mean according to what you earn from this channel."

Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman