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GTX 1080 Ti FE PCB Analysis & Shunt Mod

Posted on March 18, 2017

Buildzoid's latest contribution to our site is his analysis of the GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition PCB and VRM, including some additional thoughts on shunt modding the card for additional OC headroom. We already reviewed the GTX 1080 Ti here, modded it for increased performance with liquid cooling, and we're now back to see if nVidia's reference board is any good.

This time, it turns out, the board is seriously overbuilt and a good option for waterblock users (or users who'd like to do a Hybrid mod like we did, considering the thermal limitations of the FE cooler). NVidia's main shortcoming with the 1080 Ti FE is its FE cooler, which limits clock boosting headroom even when operating stock. Here's Buildzoid's analysis:

This one's just video form. We'll be back from the latest trip in another day or so, and will carry on with a few game graphic guides and AIB partner reviews shortly.

Intro: Steve Burke
Analysis: Buildzoid