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Ask GN 42: 7700K Delid Plans, DRAM Price Doubling

Posted on February 3, 2017

At the tail-end of a one-day trip across the country, this episode of Ask GN tides us over until our weekend burst of further content production. We’re currently working on turning around a few case reviews, some game benchmarks, and implementing new thermal calibrators and high-end equipment.

In the meantime, this episode addresses questions involving “doubled” DRAM prices, delidding plans for the i7-7700K, contact between a heatsink and the back of a video card, and a few other topics. Check back posthaste as we’ll ramp into publication of our i5-7600K review within the next day.

Video below, timestamps below that:



01:07 videokompuuter: "Hi. Why does it seem that simple questions get discussed, ones that take couple minutes of googling. I had unanswered question about large HR 22 heatsink making noise that sounds like very quiet coilwhine when cursor is moving. It's 100% certain that heatsink is the source because when i switch to another then there is no sound anymore."

01:45 Lunch Box: "Hey Steve, would you guys ever try delidding cpus? Specifically with the Rockit 88? I know there are other on youtube to have done it but they are relatively small channels and don't have nearly the same amount of scientific method or consistency in their testing methodology to see how well it worked. And in regards to IHS that you talked about here, why aren't IHS made of copper or other conductive metals? Just cost maybe?"

03:19 b10rain: "Gamers Nexus Steve- Love the videos! My question is reguarding cpu coolers. My Nzxt x41 is beginning to fail. I have an x99 motherboard with a 5820k. This forces me to use the very top pci slot which is slightly closer to cpu than usual for my 980 ti xtreme. I purchased a Corsair Master MakerAir cooler because I wanted similar performance to my x41 but moving away from AIOs temporarily. This cooler is an excellent performer but barely fits between ram and graphics card and is a bit unnerving... Is there any risk of the cooler tower fin should contact the card backplate? I've seen people freak out about it in forums but I've also seen pros build with these also barely clearing and never mention it. Thanks if you reply. Best of luck. -Brian"

06:21 Ripan Dutta: "Question for Steve: Hello,I built a new system consisting a 1050ti only to know that it won't support my good old VGA monitor.Can I use a passive HDMI to VGA converter or do I need an active converter?"

09:04 slikrx: "GN - I am running an Asus Dual 1070 video card, and when benchmarking it and overclocking it, I have noticed it runs out of power before it gets unstable. (only a single 6 pin connector) Is it possible to plug the GPU cooler fans into a separate controller, so it can free up more power for the core? I heard somewhere that the video card might notice the open circuit and throttle or do some other things, and was wondering if that's true, and if there are work arounds... THANKS!"

11:39 keelan Rutter: "Gamers Nexus you need to talk about the price of DDR4 RAM doubling in price because i cannot find out why."

14:34 JohnSTF72: "I'm surprised you're not sponsored by L'oreal.Because you deserve it :D?"

Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman