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Be Quiet! Announces Pure Power 10 PSU Specs, Including 300-350W PSUs

Posted on February 2, 2017

German manufacturer be quiet! has launched an update to the Pure Power series of entry-level PSUs: the Pure Power 10 and Pure Power 10 CM models (CM for “Cable Management”). We previously covered the new Pure Power PSUs at CES last year, where it was revealed that the series would be moving to 80 Plus Silver certification (for models at and above 400W) and that the cables would be changed to solid black by popular demand. In speaking with be quiet! at that CES meeting, we also learned that silver-rated PSUs are rough listing on Newegg, since there are so few of them; folks sorting by 80 Plus rating often skip over Silver.

The 300 and 350W supplies have one PCIe connector, 400-500 have two, and 600W+ have four. Modular cables are low-profile and fixed cables are (black) sleeved.

 Pure Power 10Pure Power 10 CM
ModularNoSemi (fixed 24-pin and P8)
CertificationBelow 400W 80+ Bronze, 400W+ 80+ Silver80+ Silver

As always, be quiet!’s main selling point is being quiet. CM supplies are equipped with solid capacitors, but be quiet! also has attempted to lessen noise in the fixed-cable supplies with high-capacity capacitors (say that five times fast). The single unnamed (Silent Wings 3) 120mm cooling fan is the same as the previous Pure Power iteration, with the trademark silent design. The loudest possible configuration is 700W non-modular, which be quiet! has measured at 27.3 dB at full load (a whisper is roughly 30dB).

$105 for a 700W supply firmly places the Pure Power series at the low end of be quiet!’s comparable watt availability price range. It’s a bit expensive compared to any old 80+ Silver 700W supply, but for those with a goal is complete silence, be quiet! has an excellent reputation for living up to their name.

As for the more interesting bit of this news, the expansion into 300W & 350W PSUs is accommodating of the low-TDP GPUs of the modern day, like the 1050 Ti, 1050, and RX 460. Previously, ~300-350W PSU markets have largely been comprised of knockoffs that are untrustworthy. It’s good to see a more engineering-focused company grow into low-wattage PSUs.

- Patrick Lathan