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Phanteks PH-GB1080-X GPU Waterblock Specs Revealed

Posted on July 27, 2016

Phanteks has become known for making PC cases, fans, and CPU coolers. The company recently introduced their first custom GPU waterblock, the PH-GB1080-X, designed to fit the Founders Edition GTX 1080. AIB partners using the same reference PCB as the FE 1080 will also support the PH-GB1080-X mounting. In theory, that includes the EVGA SC models and MSI's lower SKUs, but check with Phanteks for official support.

The new waterblock features a silver design with matte black accents. The waterblock also has RGB lighting, all the rage right now. The three RGB lights on the waterblock plug into a proprietary power adapter

Tech Report wrote that the waterblock sports Dupont Viton gaskets instead of normal silicon rubber that's used in other waterblocks. Viton rubber is designed for high temperatures and harsh chemicals, so it should provide better cooling than standard silicon rubber gaskets found in blocks.

We tested the GTX 1080 on water back in May. We used a GTX 1080 Founders Edition card with an EVGA CLC, which allowed us to push the GTX 1080’s core clock to 2164MHz and memory clock to 5602MHz. For reference, the stock clocks for the GTX 1080 are 1733MHz for the GPU’s core clock and 5005MHz for the memory clock. Our overclocked GTX 1080 also was able to stay cool at 18.66C delta T over ambient averaged peak temperature (stock clock).

The CLC we used in May from EVGA was actually meant for a 980 Ti and has an MSRP of $99, but is on sale for $68. The PH-GB1080-X is available from the Phantek’s store page for $130. We can’t speak to the waterblock’s performance – and it is an open-loop LCS, not an AIO/CLC – but it is one of the best-looking waterblocks we’ve seen. Worth paying attention to, if you like our Hybrid mod series.

- Chris Zele.