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Ask GN 14: Hyper-Threading Basics, SMT, VR-Ready IGPs, & the Future of the GPU

Posted on April 4, 2016

We’re covering the Graphics Technology Conference in San Jose this week – a show overflowing with low-level information on graphics silicon and VR – and so have themed our Ask GN episode 14 around silicon products.

This week’s episode talks CPU thread assignment & simultaneous multi-threading, VR-ready IGPs, the future of the IGP & CPU, and Dx12 topics. We also briefly talk Linux gaming, but that requires a lengthier, future video for proper depth.

If you’ve got questions for next week’s episode, as always, leave them below or on the video comments section (which is where we check first).

Time stamps:

00:19: xuddish p – I always was wondering: is hyper-threading software? And does that mean that every CPU should have it? As it stands now, I don’t like hyper-threading, it’s an elite CPU thing and that’s why it’s not supported because it’s a niche thing. How can we get the cpu cores to organize threads better and be ubiquitous across all CPU brands?”

03:53: Andhika Nugrahatama – Right now, Both AMD and Intel are integrating better and better graphics hardware on their CPUs. Do you think this trend will continue in the future? How far are we from VR-capable iGPU??

05:51: Renardeau44 – What are your thoughts on Linux gaming??

7:40: Ron Moes – What are your thoughts about dx12 and Nvidia, they seem to do bad lately in dx12 tests due to their proprietary middelware gameworks i believe?

Editorial, Host: Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke
Video Production: Andrew “ColossalCake” Coleman