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Be Quiet!'s New SB 600, Silent Fans, Coolers, & PSU at Computex

Posted on June 7, 2015

This Computex, Be Quiet doesn’t appear to be jumping into any new markets, but rather improving their current case, fan, cooler, and power supply product lines.

Pure Wings 2 PWM

The first new product is Be Quiet!’s Pure Wings 2 PWM fan. There will be four versions of Pure Wings 2, the pressure-optimized fan from Germany’s most-known cooling manufacturer. A 140mm fan at 1000RPM and €11.40, 120mm at 1500RPM and €10.90, 92MM at 1900RPM, and €10.40 and 80MM at 1900RPM and €9.40. Unfortunately, Be Quiet! doesn’t mention North American prices, so those are currently unknown. That being said, it is likely to be approximately the same since the Euro is at a similar value as the American Dollar, if not slightly cheaper. I would expect them to retail to slightly higher prices than the current non-PMW Pure Wings 2 fans, as they are essentially the same fan (PWM being the difference).

Silent Wings 3 (PWM and non-PWM)

Next up is the Silent Wings 3 and Silent Wings 3 PWM fans. Be Quiet!’s Silent Wings 2 are well-known case fans. Be Quiet! has taken the time since its last update to further increase performance while outputting the same noise level. These fans launch in October. They provide higher airflow and air pressure at the same noise levels of the SW2 (specific numbers were not given). For the PWM models there is a 140 mm version at 1000RPM and €22.90 and a 120mm version at 1500RPM and €21.90. There are two non-PWM Silent Wings 3 fans: a 140mm fan at 1000RPM and €21.90, and a 120mm version at 1500RPM and €20.90.

Silent Base 800 (with window)

The Silent Base 800 with window is the same Silent Base 800 ATX case that we already reviewed, found here, just with a window. Overall, not a huge change from the original Silent Base 800.

The MSRP of the Silent Base 800 with window is $150.

Silent Base 600 (with and without window)

The Silent Base 600 is a little more interesting as it is a new case by Be Quiet!, rather than just an updated/slightly modified version. The Silent Base 600 comes with and without a window, is available in orange, black, or silver, and has noise insulation on the side panel (for the windowless version). What’s somewhat interesting is that the windowed version has a “noise dampening double-glazed window.” It’s rare that we see windows marketed as sound-dampening.


All the intakes have filters and the HDD drives have rubber mounts to help vibration – Be Quiet! seems to want to live up to their name with this case. To add to this, it also comes with an integrated 3-step fan controller.

The front I/O includes 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, audio in/out, and a fan controller. There are 3x 5.25”, 3x 3.5”, and 3x 2.5” bays. The case also comes with two Pure wings 2 fans; a 140mm is at the front, and a 120mm fan at the back. For those that want or need more cooling, it also supports 2x 120/140mm fans on top, 1x 140/120mm fan on bottom, 1x 140mm fan at the front, and 1x 120mm fan on the side panel (of the windowless version).

The CPU cooler can be up to 170mm tall, the PSU up to 290mm long, and the graphics card up to 400mm long.

The MSRP is $100 for the windowless version, and $115 for the windowed version.

Dark Power Pro 11

Be Quiet! not only sells cases and fans, but also power supplies. Their newest power supply, the Dark Power Pro 11, is focused on high-quality and silence. It uses a 135mm Silent Wings 3 fan for cooling. More importantly, it has 80 Plus Platinum efficiency. It will come in 1200, 1000, 850, 750, 650, and 550 Watt versions.

More here.

Shadow Rock LP

Be Quiet! is introducing two new coolers this Computex, with the first being the Shadow Rock LP. Be Quiet! has informed us that its new low-profile cooler is capable of a 130W TDP, which is enough for most modern CPUs.

More on this here.

Dark Rock TF

The Dark Rock TF is focused on high cooling performance. To achieve this, it uses 2x135mm Silent Wings PWM fans, both of which use 6-pole motor fans. Be Quiet! claims a 26.7dB at 100% PWM function, but it is always good to take noise ratings from companies with a grain of salt.

The Dark Rock TF is 162.6 x 140 x 130.8mm (L by W by H).

Once again, Be Quiet! doesn’t specify a release or MSRP, but they have informed us that it is capable of a 220W TDP.

Find the Dark Rock TF here.

Closing Words

Ultimately, despite Be Quiet! not being as large of a name in North America as it is in Europe, their latest products revealed at Computex show that Be Quiet! is determined to live up to its name by improving upon both performance and noise levels.

- Michael "The Bear" Kerns.