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Cougar Announces 600K Mechanical Keyboard, Gaming Focus

Posted on December 4, 2014


The mechanical keyboard market has become overwhelmingly competitive due to the multitude of manufacturers releasing their own product lines. Every case manufacturer on the market, more or less, has now produced some sort of peripheral; they’re all trying to get in on it. Sticking out in such a crowded market can be a challenge.

That being said, case & cooler manufacturer Cougar seems to be resolute about making a name for itself in the gaming-oriented keyboard market.

Cougar recently broke word to us that their latest full-sized keyboard, the 600K, would be hitting the market in short order. Cougar seems to be aiming this keyboard at gamers looking for a more simplistic option compared to their existing 700K -- in features, not style. The 600K still has many of the same features, like a USB passthrough, lighting for the WASD/arrow keys, and adjustment of repeat rate.

As expected, the Cougar 600K supports common features such as n-key rollover, media keys, and a removable wrist rest. The 600K will be available with Cherry MX Black, Red, Blue, and Brown switches. Cougar’s 600K seems to be going for the “gamer” aesthetic and does so without looking like a spaceship, though might still be considered visually offensive to users who prefer something more minimalistic.

The release date and MSRP of the Cougar 600K were not provided.

- Michael "The Bear" Kerns.