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SteelSeries Launches 6 New Headsets: Siberia V3, Prism, & Elite Specs

Posted on September 30, 2014

Six new headset SKUs just hit the gaming market, all from eSports sponsor and peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries. The company has updated its lineup to scale from $60 at entry-level up through $200 with the Elite series of headsets. We've previously gotten hands-on with SteelSeries' Siberia Elite, a high-end gaming headset that's getting an update in this launch cycle.

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SteelSeries new headset stack looks like this:

  • $60 – Siberia RAW Prism.
  • $100 – Siberia V3.
  • $140 – Siberia V3 Prism.
  • $200 – Siberia Elite Prism.

A pair of other headsets are also being introduced, though they weren't detailed in the press release.

Starting with the low-end, the Siberia RAW Prism headset is SteelSeries' step toward entry-level markets, something they haven't historically appealed to with audio. The headset is repeatedly marketed as being “lightweight” and comfortable over time, featuring compatibility with SteelSeries' Engine 3 software to custom light the ear cups. The Raw Prism uses a low-profile mic, similar to what Turtle Beach has moved toward, meaning there's no stick boom-mic protruding from the left ear cup; this theoretically makes the headset more portable for LAN events (without mic damage, at least), though we're yet unsure of the input quality.

The RAW Prism uses a USB connector and hosts a 5 ft. cable.

The Siberia V3 is – as the name suggests – the third generation of SteelSeries Siberia headsets. The frequency response and other specs are effectively identical to the RAW Prism (and nearly every other headset on the market), so the primary differences come in the design and fit. The Siberia V3 uses a suspension system to more comfortably conform to the wearer's head; the RAW Prism opts for a cheaper solution to hit the budget market, instead using a monolithic piece of padded plastic and extending ear cups.

Steelseries bills the Siberia V3 as a highly-durable headset for travelers, backed-up by a retractable mic that “hides” in the left ear cup when unused. No lights are present on the Siberia V3.

As for the Siberia V3 Prism – a combination of the Siberia V3 and the RAW Prism – there's a mix of comfort, portability, and “bling” features that drives the cost up to $140. The V3 Prism ships with the same SteelSeries Engine compatibility, an ear cup-full of LEDs, and the suspension headband for easier fitting and transport.

It seems that SteelSeries has defined “Prism” as meaning “lights,” from what we can make out. The Siberia Elite Prism headset uses a single, circular strip of lighting on the ear cup, fat and soft cushions for the ears, and a suspension headband design. The unit allows full customization of sound, mic compression, mic feedback and input, and equalization of audio levels through software. The Elite Prism can output at significantly higher decibel levels (120dB vs. the 80-90 range of the previous headsets) and has a wider frequency response (16Hz-28KHz). An in-line DSP handles high-quality audio processing.

We'll let you know if we review any of these headsets.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.