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NZXT Releases Free CAM System Monitoring Software

Posted on May 21, 2014

Computer component manufacturer NZXT steps away from hardware for a moment to release their first bit of software: meet CAM. CAM is an elegantly designed PC monitoring program that finally does remote system observation right. After using other PC monitoring software like System Mechanic, which overloads their program with a lot of unneeded and non-functional features, CAM delivers with the bare basics for enthusiasts, focusing on everything you should need to monitor your gaming rig.


The multi-panel display is as simple as it is functional. CAM uses a three-panel software "HUD" that allows the user to only view the primary middle display and hide the two secondary displays, users can also view all three panels at once. The primary middle panel  displays the CPU and GPU temps along with the utilization of the CPU, RAM, network, and HDD. Below that is an easy-to-use system notification display that is customizable to your whims. With this display, we get real-time notifications of potential problems, including thermal levels and application load on the CPU. This is a great feature that should offer the user greater preventative maintenance capabilities.

nzxt-cam-1 nzxt-cam-3

The left panel gives a basic or advanced readout of PC specifications -- RAM, board, GPU, etc. The right panel displays a graphic of various aspects of the host PC. Users can toggle between CPU, GPU, RAM, NET, HDD, and fan speeds. This is a nice touch that helps the user to monitor and view just about any part of their PC easily. Another feature of CAM is the ability to sync data to the Cloud, enabling mobile monitoring from Android and iOS devices (feature shipping in June).

CAM was designed to be an easy-to-use monitoring application while still giving the user total control of their PC without having to use multiple applications to monitor different components. This new, minimalistic, and free system monitoring software gets it all right.

You can download CAM for free over here: http://cam.nzxt.com/

- Michael "mikagmann2" Mann.