The TLDR of CableMod's recent 12VHPWR Angled Adapter failures and how to get a refund

The Highlights

  • CableMod has issued a voluntary safety recall via the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • The recall pertains to angled adapters V1.0 and V1.1. The company says it has no plans to make future versions of this product as a result of these failures
  • The failures can result in damage to the video card at the power connection
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For those unaware, we maintain a free PC part failure and recall tracker that includes a mailing list established to alert consumers of potentially dangerous device failures, or minimally, device failures which may not be dangerous but could cause damage to a PC. The PC part failure tracker includes a PC hardware failure list, found here, which we just recently updated to include CableMod's 12VHPWR Angled Adapter failures. We previously reported on the Angled Adapter Recall when it was announced a few weeks ago. You can find that coverage in our HW News episode from that week, timestamped 03:30.

We recently dispatched an email to those who've signed-up for the Catastrophic PC Failure Newsletter (you can sign up here). This short post will be the same thing we sent out via email, but available on the website and without entering your email anywhere. The newsletter list is only ever used for alerting subscribers to PC component failures and recalls. We maintain the list because we realized that many people build their computer or buy their laptop, then never check up on the PC industry again until it's time to build or buy another one. The list helps keep people aware of issues that could become safety concerns or fire hazards (or could just lead to disablement of a device).

The letter is pasted below. It's short and simple. This is the same as the email.


Writing, Report

Steve Burke

Subject: PC Failure List Update: CableMod 12VHPWR Angled Adapters

Sent: February 25, 2024

CableMod 12VHPWR Adapter Failures, Voluntary Recall

GamersNexus has been in communication with CableMod regarding confirmed failures of CableMod 12VHPWR Adapter units. GamersNexus has additionally received outreach from viewers regarding this issue.

The Failure List Table has been updated. An update log is at the bottom. Deeper details are provided in this email.

Manufacturer Affected

  • CableMod

Product Affected

  • CableMod 12VHPWR Angled Adapters
  • United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with CableMod, claims 25,300 affected units
  • Manufacturer claims that its 12VHPWR CABLES are unaffected and that this only affects its 12VHPWR ADAPTERS
  • This is the second time CableMod’s 12VHPWR angled adapters have been affected by failures. The first involved a revision to the design (V 1.1). All revisions are affected

Root Cause & Result

  1. Loose contact at the connection, particularly in V 1.0
  2. Possible bad PCB design
  3. Possible bad batch
  4. Poor contact, tight tolerances, and possible design and manufacturing issues create a scenario in which the CableMod 12VHPWR angled adapter can melt at the connection with the video card, resulting in possible damage or disablement of the video card and adapter. Extremely unfortunate conditions combined with this can create a risk of fire

GN Severity Rating

  • Critical


  • Manufacturer advises immediate disuse and destruction of its CableMod 12VHPWR angled adapters
  • Manufacturer issued this statement detailing the issue.
  • US CPSC agency has issued this statement detailing the issue.
  • Manufacturer notes: “If you haven’t already, stop using your angled adapter immediately.”
  • Manufacturer is reimbursing affected customers
  • Manufacturer notes: “As part of this recall, CableMod is offering its angled adapter customers the choice of either a full refund, including shipping, or a $60 / 60€ store credit to be used towards any non-customized product in CableMod’s webstore, with free standard shipping. You will receive a full refund or store credit for each V1 and/or v1.1 angled adapter that you purchased. […] Please note that only one type of remedy may be selected: either all refund or all store credit. You must have a PayPal account if you elect to receive a refund.”
  • Manufacturer has put a time limit on replacement, repair, or reimbursement for damaged video cards as a result of use of its angled adapters. The time limit is March 7, 2024 to file for a damaged GPU repair or replacement from CableMod.
  • Manufacturer has not put a time limit on the 12VHPWR angled adapter remedy program

Resolved to GN’s Standards?

Yes. CableMod has noted to GamersNexus that it has no plans to pursue further CableMod 12VHPWR angled adapter projects, and as such, we consider this resolved. The existing products are to be destroyed and rendered useless and existing customers are to receive compensation in the various forms offered by CableMod. CableMod has additionally been actively reimbursing, replacing, or repairing video cards affected by their own device failures. If yours has been affected, you should act immediately.

GamersNexus believes the manufacturer is acting in good faith and has taken adequate steps to resolve this issue from what it has observed thus far. If this status changes, we will provide further updates.

For additional details:

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Thank you,

Steve Burke

Editor-in-Chief, GamersNexus

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