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Ask GN 52: What’s Intel Doing? Low GPU Stock, How to Clean a Video Card

Posted on June 25, 2017

This episode of Ask GN posts on the tail of the X299 and Kaby Lake X / Skylake X embargo lift and in the midst of the newest cryptocurrency craze, which has set upon the video card market like a swarm of locusts.

We’re addressing two general questions we’ve seen around the internet, then following-up with reader/viewer-submitted questions. If you’d like to pose a question for the next Ask GN, the best place to do so would be in either our Patreon discord or in the video comments.

Timestamps below.



00:51 – What is Intel doing?

10:42 – No GPUs in Stock

13:16 – b10rain: “Big fan. Love the videos. My question is pretty simple. I was wondering if there was some basic protocols for cleaning dust from a graphics card? I have 980ti due for a cleaning, but I do not have the experience of taking off the air cooler unit. Is there a standard way to clean these without removing the cooler. And is there anything to avoid or be wary of? I don't want to damage a component with pressured air when I should've been using a different safer method. Thanks for you time! Steve rocks my socks!”

16:57 – tiefindir: “@Ask Gamers Nexus : Hi @Steve, the Bloatware issue was very informative. What still interested me, now I have a lot of extra software. From CAM / NZXT, Corsair-INK / RAM, MSI-Dragon Eye / Mysticlight for GPU / Mobo (GSKILL) and many other control software alone in my system! Does these different programs slow down the PC?”

19:55 – 1157StrangeKid: “With the recent announcement of the xXbox OneXx claiming 4k for $500 do you think you can try to put together a build for a similar price that could achieve the same thing? It would be an interesting spin to make 2 rigs, one with new and one with used parts to try and gain the most performance per dollar possible. P.S. Since 60fps was only promised for Forza it is only fair that you aim for 4k 30fps or better :)”

23:23 – David Martins: “Why NVMe have 4x PCIe Slots when the physical drive can only read at 600MB/s. Wouldn't 2x PCIe be enough?”

24:58 – cheddle: “can you plz do 4k uploads? I'd like to see your hair in as much detail as possible”

Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman