Montech showed off a new $64 case, a case with 2 80mm fans, a chassis with a sunken area for fans, and more

The Highlights

  • The Montech XR is an ultra budget case starting at $64
  • At $90, the King 65 Pro is like a cheaper version of the King 95 before it
  • The Sky Three features 2 80mm fans towards the front bottom of the case
  • The HS01 is a $100 case that features a sunken area for fans at the bottom of the chassis
  • The HS01 Mini is a MicroATX case with a weird fake leather design and an optional handle

Table of Contents

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We recently had the chance to check out Montech’s Computex 2024 booth and saw 6 interesting cases.

Editor's note: This was originally published on June 5, 2024 as a video. This content has been adapted to written format for this article and is unchanged from the original publication.


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Steve Burke

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Jimmy Thang

Montech XR

First up is the Montech XR, which is a super budget case starting at $64. The case is like the Montech Sky Two, but scaled down. 

There will be 2 variants (a mesh and non-mesh). The mesh option costs $70 and comes with wood paneling. The mesh version also comes with 4 fans (3 120mm fans in the front and 1 120mm fan in the back). 

The non-mesh variant comes with 2 120mm reverse side fans and 1 120mm ARGB fan in the back. 

The Montech XR’s PSU shroud has perforations and holes.

And the back has a cover for PCIe slots.

The Montech XR just released and we plan on getting it in to review soon.  

King 65 Pro 

Next up is the King 65 Pro, which is a follow up to the King 95 but more affordable.

The biggest change has been made to the front panel. Whereas the King 95 has a curve to its glass, the King 65 Pro does not. There’s actually a bit of a gap between the 2 pieces of glass from what we saw of the display unit but we guess that goes with the cost-savings territory. 

We also noticed some small alignment issues as well.

The dual-chamber case comes with 3 fans (1 120mm in the rear coupled with 2 side reverse 140 fans).

The King 65 Pro uses dark-tinted glass. 

And there’s lots of perforated holes on the top of the case.

The King 65 Pro is targeting a September/Q3 release date with a price of $90. 

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Sky Three

Next up is a prototype for Montech’s Sky Three case. 

What makes it interesting is that the case has some ventilation near the bottom front of the case and behind that are 2 80mm fans, which may pose some interesting noise issues. 

This is coupled with a novel steel ramp that funnels air into the rest of the case. This is something that Montech is currently iterating on now. The company is targeting a Q1 2025 release date with a $120 target price. 

In addition to the aforementioned fans, the case also comes with 2 120 side reverse fans and 1 140m fan in the back. 


The HS01 is up next. The case comes in either black or gray and will cost $100. 

It’s got 2 fans in the back.

The case also has a sunken area for fans at the bottom of the case. This design allows the fans at the bottom to get closer to the air source.

This relegates the power supply to the other side of the motherboard near the top of the case.

The case will come with a shroud for the power supply and for the cable pass-through.

In terms of fans, in addition to the aforementioned 2 fans in the back, it will come with 3 120mm fans in the front.

HS01 Mini

Next up is the HS01 Mini. Being a 32-liter MicroATX case, it’s a relatively massive chassis for pushing the “mini” angle. 

It offers 3 locations to install the power supply: top, middle, or bottom.

HS01 Mini comes with 4 120mm fans: 3 reverse ones on the bottom coupled with 1 in the rear.

Aesthetically, it features a fake leather look coupled with an optional carrying strap that we’re skeptical is sturdy enough to bear the weight of a full build without teetering. 

Montech is aiming to release it in Q4 for $96. 

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King 95 Mega Pro

Finally, the last case we’re highlighting is a bit of a mouthful and invokes Quake III: the King 95 Mega Pro.

It has curved glass like the King 95 Pro before it but what makes it unique is that it has fans near the front that are angled. 

The case will come with 7 pre-installed fans: 3 on the side, 3 on the bottom, and 1 on the back.

Montech is aiming to release it in Q1 of 2025 and targeting a $200 price point.